Amira A. Pettus


b. 1986, HK.

Hi, I'm Amira -
a product designer and strategist with a background in user research.

I see myself as one part detective, one part ethnographer, and one part designer.  I use my tool set to dig to the root of complex problems. I employ agile and lean methodologies, along with design and systems thinking, to solve challenges for my clients.

I believe that empathy, and the ability to act on it strategically, is the basis for creating lasting, impactful products and services. It’s important for me to not only build solid products with the organizations I work with, but to also instill sustainable practices that can support what we built together and continue to grow.

Currently, you’ll find me working with ThoughtWorks as a consultant.


Sr. Product Designer and Strategist

TEC Systems, Inc.
User Researcher



The New School  
MFA, Design and Technology       

The Georgia Institute of Technology  
BS, Science, Technology, and Culture