Amira A. Pettus

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b. 1986, HK.


I'm Amira -
a product designer and strategist with a background in user research.

I see myself as one part detective, one part ethnographer, and one part designer. I dig to the root of complex problems, employing agile and lean methodologies, along with systems thinking, to solve challenges for my clients.

I believe that empathy, and the ability to act on it strategically, is the basis for creating impactful products and services. It’s important for me to not only build solid products with the organizations I work with, but to also instill sustainable practices that can support what we built together and continue to grow.

Currently, you’ll find me working with The Ihangane Project building a digital health record for frontline healthcare workers in remote health centers in Rwanda. Our goal is to support the reduction of maternal and infant mortality.

Prior to joining The Ihangane Project as a Global Health Corps Fellow, I was designing Bahmni, an open source EMR for low resource setting now being used in 23 hospital and clinics, The Find A Doctor for a prestigious NYC hospital, and tools and services in a variety of domains for ThoughtWorks.

My personal passion lies in the area of Global Health and creating tools and services to support humanitarian response and aid.