Amira A. Pettus
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Bahmni: An Electronic Medical Record


Bahmni: An Electronic Medical Record

Bahmni is an open sourced, electronic medical record system for remote hospitals. It was originally built for a hospital named Jan Swasthya Sahyog (JSS) in Chhattisgarh India, but after other hospitals saw its value, Bahmni evolved into a global product.  

I was brought onto the team to identify and fix adoption and usability issues, but I quickly realized that both the team's and product's needs were much greater. This was the first time a designer was working on Bahmni after its inception 3 years prior. I moved to India and became the sole designer for a 50 + plus delivery team.

Location & Duration : Bangalore, India and Hyderabad, India for 6 month


Bahmni: Electronic Medical Record


Community Health Worker Inception

project breakdown

role  Product designer & User Researcher

a collaboration between  Design, Development & QA, Project Management, & Business Analysts

deliverables  research analysis, user flows, service design map, wireframes, & designs

tools   observational interview techniques, 1:1 interview techniques, ethnographic field methods, usability testing techniques, paper prototyping, illustrator, balsamiq, sketch, invision