Amira A. Pettus
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E- Heza: Digital Health Record for Health Centers


E - Heza

E- Heza is Rwanda’s first point of care digital health record. It is a collaboration between frontline health workers, the Rwandan Ministry of Health, and The Ihangane Project with the goal of reducing maternal and infant mortality rates. And it is in the process of being connected to the District Health Information System (DHIS2) of Rwanda and being scaled nationwide.

I joined E-Heza as a Global Health Corp Fellow and Digital Health Specialist. My role is three pronged: I work with nurses in rural health centers to design the tools they need to provide evidence based clinical care protocols, improve healthcare delivery, and utilize real time data to administer health education tailored for individual family needs. I also am the product manager and analyst, coordinating work with our partner organizations Greater Good Studios and GIZRA. Lastly, I act as a liaison between MOH, the E -Heza team, and our users so that we can implement a system that fulfills both frontline workers’ and government needs’, while protecting the security and privacy of our patients.

As this is an ongoing project it hasn’t been fully updated yet. Please take a look at other work to get a sense of my process.

Location & Duration : Ruli, Rwanda anticipated duration 1 year

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Project Breakdown

status  This is a current project

role  Digital Health Specialist

a collaboration between  frontline healthcare workers, The Rwandan Ministry of Health, Greater Good Studios, and GIZRA