Amira A. Pettus

New Internationalist Digital Magazine


New Internationalist Overview

The New Internationalist (NI) is an independent non profit media cooperative, based in the UK. For the last 40 years they have been publishing investigative journalism on global issues; they came to realize that the strategies they used to connect to readers and sustain themselves as a physical magazine were failing them online. NI asked us to come in and help them overhaul their online user experience and the CMS their staff were using.

Ultimately, we discovered that their business model was deterring users from paying for content and hindering the organization from profiting from their digital space. Not only that, users were unaware of the trove of content NI was offering.

Location & Duration : Oxford, England for 4 months


 New Internationalist Inception Workshop


New Internationalist Digital Magazine


project breakdown

role  Product designer, Strategist, & User Researcher

a collaboration between  Design, Development & QA, Project Management, & Business Analyst

deliverables  research analysis, business analysis, wireframes, & designs

tools   observational interview techniques, 1:1 interview techniques, usability testing techniques, backlog creation, sketch